Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Humidity - the popcorn killer

Nothing makes my delicious freshly popped popcorn taste stale -- more than a hot humid summer day! Fortunately, this past weekend, we had beautiful weather at the Kane County Flea Market. Plenty of people stopped by to bring a big bag of Cheesey corn home. I always recommend that they keep their popcorn in an air tight container to ward off the humidity. I have found the Tupperware Impressions Classic Bowls are the best way to keep your popcorn (and other goodies) fresh. Your popcorn sealed up will last for a few days. However, most everyone will say, it doesn't last thru the night, they eat it ALL up in one sitting ....

If you find yourself at a summer concert, or ballpark on a hot humid night. You won't be able to eat your corn fast enough before the humidity will make it sticky and too chewy. If that is the case, keep your popcorn in a plastic bag (even a grocery bag will do), twist the top to keep the air from getting to it. This will keep it fresh throughout the night. If you can plan ahead, bring a gallon ziplock bag with you - a simple fix to a sticky problem.

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